Item #246038 Outstanding Autographed Letter Signed as President. James MONROE, 1758 - 1831.

Outstanding Autographed Letter Signed as President

Washington: 1817.

2 pages (front and back), 9.75 x 7.75 inches, Washington, October 2, 1817, marked "Private" to an unknown recipient, reaching out to the family of the late Vice-President and Signer Elbridge Gerry (who are almost destitute) by appointing his son Surveyor of Boston and remarking on his triumphant Grand Tour of New England, in small part: "...Young Mr. Gerry...on a belief that his education at Cambridge, and under Col. Austin, with whom he was studying law, at the time of the death of his father, qualified him for the office [Surveyor of Boston], being a young man of fair moral character. I own also that the situation of his Mother and sisters, the widow and daughters of the late Vice-President, who signed the Declaration of Independence and rendered other meritorious services in our revolution, has interested me in a very visible manner. They as I know, in great distress. He will be their prop and support, as I confidentially believe...Mr. Crawford will offer the surveyor ship...which is, I hear, vacant. I feel and shall be happy any way, to make him render useful services to his Mother and sisters, so for as may be proper and practical." [Monroe proceeds to discuss the success of his Grand Tour.] "I returned here in good health, not withstanding the great fatigue, to which I was imposed in my late tour. I look back with great interest at the incidents attending it, and particularly at the strong proofs it afforded, that we were throughout the Union, one people. I trust that we shall always remain one." Tape stains and tiny holes along the center fold; some smudging to the ink on the first page, but still in very good condition.

Binding: Unbound
Language: English

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Item #246038

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