Item #245126 Autographed Document Signed on Vellum. Abraham BANCKER, 1760 - 1832.

Autographed Document Signed on Vellum

Albany: 1787.

An endorsement to an arrest warrant for the confiscation of goods belonging to Samuel Barrow -- 1 page, 11.5 x 10 inches, with endorsement on verso, Albany, New York, August 5, 1787 -- ordered by Revolutionary War patriot and then-Chief Justice of the New York Supreme Court Richard Morris, in very small part: "The people of New York - To The Sheriff of the County of Richmond - Greeting. We command you that of the Goods and Chattels, Land and Tenements of the aforesaid Samuel Barrow, in your Bailiwick, being Debt, in the sum of four-hundred and eighty pounds...for damages...have you whole monies before us at our City of Albany...Richard Morris, Chief Justice..." Bancker has placed his endorsement on the verso: "The within Saml. Barrows hasth Goods or Chattels in my Bailiwick whereof the Debt and damages, or any part thereof can be made." It should be noted that the entire document is in the hand of and signed by: John McKesson (1734 - 1798), an Anti-Federalist New York Attorney and staunch Revolutionary War patriot, who was appointed to the Provincial Convention (1775), all four Provincial Congresses (1775 - 1777), and to the First and Second Councils of Safety. He also served as clerk of the State Assembly and to the Ratifying Convention (1788), of which he is said to have participated in the hostile negotiations which eventually led to New York finally ratifying the U.S. Constitution. This document is in very good condition (with heavy natural folds) and coincidentally was signed by Bancker and McKesson on the very day (August 5, 1787) that the first draft of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights was completed.

American patriot and major in the American Revolution who, as a representative of Richmond County (Staten Island), cast an important vote in the ratification of the United States Constitution, by the state of New York. The final vote was 30 to 27 and the failure to ratify might may have brought down the fledgling nation. Soon after the Revolutionary War, Bancker was appointed Sheriff of the County of Richmond.

Binding: Unbound
Language: English

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Item #245126

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