A New and Accurate Map of the Empire of Japan. Emanuel BOWEN.
A New and Accurate Map of the Empire of Japan
A New and Accurate Map of the Empire of Japan

A New and Accurate Map of the Empire of Japan

Map. Engraving. Image measures 14 x 17".

This map of the Empire of Japan owes its detail to the writings of Jesuit missionaries and Portuguese and Dutch explorers. The interior of the archipelago is described in great detail, with the names of cities, towns, rivers, and lakes dispersed among pictorial mountains. Furthermore, the map contains ample information about many the smaller islands of the archipelago, which are often accompanied by explanatory notes about discovery and colonialism. Some significant features of the map are the inclusion of the southern coast of Kamchatka and the designation of the Sea of Japan as the Sea of Korea. In the upper left corner of the map is an elaborate title cartouche that incorporates elements of Japanese design and costume. This map was published in Bowen's "Complete System of Geography." It is a dark impression in very good condition, with ample margins and few chips or tears. Staining to bottom margin not affecting the image. Emanuel Bowen (1714-1767) was an English map engraver who served as Royal Mapmaker to George II of England and Louis XV of France. He was well-regarded for his large, detailed, accurate, and overall attractive maps. The level of detail of this map of Japan makes it one of the best English maps of the region of its time.

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