Symbolic Indian Signature. CHIEF THUNDERCLOUD, 1899 - 1955.
Symbolic Indian Signature

Symbolic Indian Signature


Signed card, 5.5 x 4 inches, featuring a black-and-white photograph of the Chief in full outfit and headdress, along with the following imprint at the top: "CHIEF THUNDER CLOUD Halawia Band Cherokee from N.C." On the back, Thundercloud has signed using his Indian symbolic signature (beneath a hand-stamped example). The signature was witnessed by his manager Michael Reynolds who attests to it just above. No place, no date, circa 1945. Near fine condition.

American character actor born in Muskogee, Indian Territory, best known for playing the original Tonto in "The Lone Ranger" (1938) and "The Lone Ranger Rides Again" (1939). Information about Thundercloud is vague. Most biographies state that he was a full-blooded Cherokee (or Muskogee), although others state that he had some German or Irish ancestors. The press book for "The Lone Ranger Rides Again" announced his parents as "Dark Cloud and Morning Star, aristocrats of the Muskogee Tribe," but his death certificate lists his father as "Joseph Mahawa." His title "Chief" was a Hollywood invention.

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