Typer Letter Signed. Charles A. LINDBERGH, 1902 - 1974.

Typer Letter Signed

New York: 1940.

1 page, 11 x 8.5 inches, Huntington, New York, July 19, 1940. Written to M.S. Sherman, the editor of the Hartford Courant, who had written an editorial titled "The Committee to Defend America and the Debate between Internationalists and Interventionists." In part: "...I want to thank you for your June 18th letter and for sending your editorial in the Hartford Courant. I apologize for this late reply but have had very little time to write recently and am almost hopelessly behind with mail. Your editorial gives me great encouragement." Slight ripples on the corners caused by mounting remnants on the back; horizontal folds plus a small stain near the bottom margin. Very good(-) condition.

At the time this letter was written, Charles Lindbergh was a key speaker at events held by The Isolationist America First Party, opposing any type of American support to the European conflict. In Sherman's article for the "Hartford Courant" in July 1940, he stressed that a new organization called The Committee to Defend America, which advocated American military support for Britain, was the best way to keep the United States out of the conflict waging in Europe. Though Lindbergh held his ground, some historians have suggested that Sherman came very close to convincing him to support the Lend Lease Act.

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