Excellent Signed Document in French. Sadi CARNOT, 1837 - 1894.
Excellent Signed Document in French

Excellent Signed Document in French


3 pages, 12.5 x 8.25 inches, no place, no date, circa 1886. This document is a report authorizing the Mining Company at Bethune to establish a mine "the Common Bulley Grenway" (Pas de Calais), translated in part: "...We have the honor Mr. President to submit a signature project of the attached decree...authorizing the Mining Company at Bethune...to proceed...and determine the conditions which would be issued subject to the installation and operation..." Boldly signed by Carnot as Minister of Finance. Also signed by Carnot's sworn enemy Georges Boulanger -- a French General and Minister of War who threatened to take over France with a military dictatorship. He committed suicide in 1891. The trouble between the two statesmen seems to have started when Boulanger insisted on provoking the German government into a war by ordering military exercises on their border in 1886. Mining contracts were granted with the knowledge that the owners would give generously if war was evident. No date, circa 1886. Very good.

French statesman and Fourth President of the Third Republic until he was assassinated in 1894.

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