Signed Vintage Photograph. ABDULLAH, Crown Prince Regent Abdullah.

Signed Vintage Photograph


Exceedingly rare black-and-white portrait on a 10.5 x 8.25-inch heavy-stock board, taken by "Starvis & Ewing," official photographers of the British Royal Family. The photo shows Abdullah as King Regent and Field Marshall, war-dated January 1, 1945, boldly signed "Abdullah" in English and Arabic, not personalized as it would be considered demeaning. Authentic signatures of Starvis and Ewing on the lower border attest to the fact that this is an official portrait. Abdullah is extremely rare due to the fact that he was assassinated at age 45. Unevenly trimmed along the bottom edge, but still in very good condition.

Cousin and brother-in-law of King Ghazi, brother of King Faisal II, son of King Hussein. Abdullah assumed power upon the death of King Ghazi, serving as Regent for the underage Faisal II. He was overthrown in 1941 in a coup d'etat by pro-German Iraqi leaders but emerged two years later, with the rank of Field Marshall, reinstating the royal family to power in Iraq. In 1945 Abdullah was the honoree at the very first State Dinner hosted by newly sworn-in President Truman. In 1958 Abdullah broke from Nasser's United Arab Republic and was butchered and murdered along with all of the Royal Family. "The people dragged Abdullah's body into the street and tore him apart limb from limb....burning what was left...effectively ending the Iraqi monarchy," -- Time Magazine, July 21, 1958.

Binding: Unbound
Language: English

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