Item #219075 Rare Autographed Letter Signed. Owen BROWN.

Rare Autographed Letter Signed

Akron, Ohio: 1858.

Outstanding and exceedingly rare autographed letter signed, 4to, 2 1/4 pages, Akron, Ohio, June 28, 1858, giving his brother and sister information on his whereabouts and quoting a letter he has received from their father John Brown who is on the run and is secretly heading back to Kansas for what will be his very last visit with his family before departing to Harpers Ferry. In small part: "...Father in company with two other men left Cleveland for Kansas on the 21st. I remember your kindness, your self-sacrificing in the best interest in our success and safety...and that part of your hard earnings you have divided with father...I won't forget you! I want to go to your place - but father thought I had better come here for the present. I have found that my health...are [sic] in a great measure at my control in temporance [sic]. Received a letter from father yesterday in Lawrence, Kansas 1: 'Dear son's and wife - I reached Kansas on the 26th - last night and leave here today for the scene of our last troubles...of which it would seem are not over yet. Write me secretly sealed blank envelope...of all that will interest me, directing outside envelope to Rev. Adair Osawatamie, Kansas...your affectionate father...AND may the God of our fathers by your father. We are not at all discouraged with the changes of our affairs and all is not lost that is delayed. Work together for the good of those who love the lord.'" In closing, Owen writes: "...John I am very anxious to hear from you - be kind as to write to me, not expecting any answer...your brother Owen." Much more great content. This letter is complete with no loss of words or content. Pages 3 and 4 are attached to 1 and 2, however instead of being 4to, it was cut down to small 8vo. A remarkable letter written at the very height of the tensions that would arguably lead to the Civil War. Excellent condition.

Third son of radical abolitionist John Brown and the only family member to escape from Harpers Ferry. A participant in the revenge raid at Pottawatomie in which the Brown Clan killed five pro-slavery adherents from Missouri and later fended off a raid by pro-slavery advocates at "Osawatomie," in which his unarmed younger brother was murdered in the street. Owen was one of seven participants who escaped from Harpers Ferry out of 41 by evading Robert E. Lee -- traveling through swamps, pursued by soldiers and citizens with dogs and guns. Two of the seven ventured to get food and were captured and hung.

Binding: Unbound
Language: English

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Item #219075

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