Autographed Note Signed in Spanish. Carlos BRAGGIO.

Autographed Note Signed in Spanish

Bernal, Argentina: 1924.

1 page, 5 x 8.25 inches, Berrnal, Argentina, June, 1924 -- translated in full: "The radio will one day be able to transport human ideas to the ends of the earth. Bernal June 1924, C. Braggio." Very good condition.

Argentinean inventor who developed a booster to increase the range of two-way radios. He set the world distance record for two-way radio communication in 1924 with a relay between Argentina and China. This is essentially a manuscript souvenir copy of the radio message he had transmitted the previous month. A small, circular image of him is affixed to the left of the text.

Binding: Unbound
Language: Spanish

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