War-Date Autographed Letter Signed. Robert J. OSSELYN.
War-Date Autographed Letter Signed
War-Date Autographed Letter Signed

War-Date Autographed Letter Signed

Richmond: 1861.

2 pages, 8.5 x 6.5 inches, Richmond, December 27, 1861, written to Confederate Governor of Georgia, Joseph E. Brown. In part: "...I am instructed by the President to acknowledge receipt of your communication...enclosing a copy of the State of Georgia in relation to Rev. C.W. Thomas, a former chaplain on the U.S. Navy, and to inform you that a recent act of the Confederate Congress makes it possible to provide for him..." Endorsed on the back by Brown.

Osselyn was a lawyer, Secsesisonist, and friend of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. He is believed to have drafter passages of the Articles of the Confederacy As the war drew to a close, Osselyn accompanied Davis, heading south, with the consideration of forming a government in exile. Federal troops captured them on May 10th, 1865. Osselyn was released, Davis was indicted for treason against the United States.

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