Codda-pana Tab. 1. Hendrik Adriaan van RHEEDE TOT DRAAKENSTEIN.

Codda-pana Tab. 1

Malabar: 1693.

Botanical. Uncolored engraving. Page measures 15" X 19". Image measures 13.5" x 17".

Exquisite impression and unusual composition of South Asian palm tree fronds. The plant name is in Malabarese, Latin, Sanskrit and Arabic. Human figures indicate scale. Very small tear to bottom edge. Hendrik Adriaan van Rheede tot Draackenstein (1636-1691) was commander of Malabar and was responsible for compiling the "Hortus Malabaricus", a major publication of the flora and medicinal use of plants, which took 30 years to complete.

Binding: Unbound
Condition: Very Good
Language: English

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