Portsmouth Oracle.

Vol. XXII, No. 5. Saturday, November 3, 1810. folio, 4pp. 5 columns per page. Portsmouth: [William Treadwell], 1810.

Contains printing of the Declaration of Independence of West Florida. "...he (Ferdinand VII of Spain) has endeavored to pervert into an engine of destruction, by encouraging, in the most persidious manner, the violation of ordinances sanctioned and established by himself as the law of the land. Being thus left without any hope of protection from the mother country, by being betrayed by a magistrate...and exposed to all the evils of a state of anarchy...it becomes our duty to provide for our own security as a free and independent state. ...We therefore, the representatives...declare this Territory of West Florida to be a free and independent state..." Also contains report by the commander in chief of the Fort of Baton Rouge, Philemon Thomas, on the capture of the fort. "My orders were not to fire till we received a shot from the garrison, and to cry out in French and English, `ground your arms and you shall not be hurt.'"

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