Experiments and Observations on the Light which is spontaneously emitted, with some Degree of Permanency, from various Bodies.; Read (to the Royal Society) February 13, 1800.

26 pages (pp. 161-187). EXTRACTED FROM: "Philosophical Transactions." Slim 4to, modern wrappers. 1800.

An important paper which represents England's first contribution to the study of gases on luminous fish. Hulme's theories were in line with the Newtonian conception of light as composed of material particles. (E. Newton Harvey, A History of Luminescence.) This extract from the Philosophical Transations contains besides two interesting chemical papers, one by William Henry (1774-1836), the English chemist, being an Account of a Series of Experiments, undertaken with the View of decomposing the Muriatic Acid, the other by Edward Howard, On a new fulminating Mercury, (with one engraved plate).

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