Autographed Letter Signed in French with a rare Calling Card. Gabriel BERTRAND, 1867 - 1962.

Autographed Letter Signed in French with a rare Calling Card

Paris: 1925.

1 page on heavy-stock construction paper, 5.75 x 9.25 inches, (Paris), no date, circa 1925. Signed "G. Bertrand" and written in French. Translated in part: "...I have come here as an apostle of Science, that inexhaustible solace of progress. I have found masters as passionate to teach as their students are to learn, but an organization that is too inadequate from the point from the point of view of scientific research. In exchange for some of the associations you have asked of me, become one of my collaborators...and you will give to this adorable country in a manner full of future inestimable service..." Accompanied by a rare calling card as a member of the prestigious Pasteur Institute. The card is pasted to the lower left corner of the letter; faint adhesive stain along the left edge, but still in very good condition.

French bacteriologist and close associate of Luis Pasteur who introduced into biochemistry the term "oxidase" and the concept of trace elements. In 1884 he developed anti-venom for use against snake bites.

Binding: Unbound
Language: French

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