Magnum Mare del zur cum Insula California. De Groote Zuyd-Zee en t' Eylandt California. Frederick DE WIT.

Magnum Mare del zur cum Insula California. De Groote Zuyd-Zee en t' Eylandt California

Amsterdam: 1675.

Map. Engraving with original hand coloring. Image measures 19 1/4" x 22 1/4".

Fabulous early map of the Pacific Ocean. A large beautiful title cartouche in Latin and Dutch shows cherubs putting a garland around the statue of Magellan with a couple emerging out of the ocean on a sea shell pulled by a sea horse chariot and mermen. The map includes information about Abel Tasman's voyage to New Zealand and "Anthoni van Diemens Landt" which Tasman named after the Governor General of the Dutch East India company who sent him on the voyage. Old backing removed and re-lined for support. Mat burn, foxing and toning throughout but a stunning sea chart nonetheless, with an excellent impression and masterful original deluxe coloring. Frederick de Wit (1629/30--1706) was one of the foremost cartographers and map sellers of the Dutch Golden Age. Based in Amsterdam, he began with a small printing shop in 1654 and soon became internationally known for his city plans and wall maps of the world. By 1671, he was producing large folio atlases for both his shop and individual patrons that could contain anywhere between 15 and 150 maps. Today, these atlases grace the collections of many museums and institutions as evidence of the vibrant cartographic trade in Amsterdam in the middle- and late-17th century.

Binding: Unbound
Edition: First
Language: Dutch

Price: $4,650.00

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