Have You Bought Your Bond? Liberty Loan.

New York: M. Rusling Wood, 1917.

Poster. Color lithograph. Image measures

This original World War I-era poster shows a sketch of the Statue of Liberty beside the text "Have you bought your bond?" Below, text reads "Liberty Loan subscriptions received here." War loan posters like this one were produced in great volume during the First World War to encourage people to support the war effort financially. The symbolism of the Statue of Liberty here emphasizes the war as a fight for freedom. The poster is in very good condition with a cataloguing inscription in the lower left corner and a repair to a tear in the top. Adolph Treidler (1886-1981) contributed to the Wilson government's First World War propaganda efforts by working for the Division of Pictorial Publicity. Born in Colorado, Treidler studied at the California School of Design in San Francisco. He produced illustrations for the following publications: the 'Saturday Evening Post', 'Collier's Weekly', 'Scribner's Monthly Magazine' (its successor 'The Century Magazine'), 'Women's Home Companion' and 'Harper's'. He also designed tourism posters for the French Line and the Bermuda Board of Trade.

Language: English

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