Autographed Document Signed -- a Real Estate Transfer. COLONIAL CONNECTICUT: THE WADSWORTH FAMILY.

Autographed Document Signed -- a Real Estate Transfer

Connecticut: 1753.

2 pages (front and back), 13 x 8.25 inches, County of Hartford and Colony of Connecticut, New England, Durham, March 7, 1753 -- a deed whereby long-time Durham resident James Bate transfers a substantial parcel of land and holdings to pioneer settler Ebenezer Garnsey, in very small part: " In consideration of the sum of four thousand pounds in money of the old tenor to Capt. Ebenezer, I do freely and absolutely give, grant, bargain and convey...A boarding house, a barn and piece or parcel of land upon which three buildings do stand...containing about one hundred & fifty acres." Boldly signed by Justice of the Peace James Wadsworth Sr. (died in 1756), a Durham founder whose family dominated local politics for over 80 years, wielding considerable influence throughout Connecticut. He was town clerk for 49 years, a Justice of the Peace for 40 years, and a Colonel in the militia. Also signed by James Wadsworth III (1730 - 1817), the grandson of the above, who became a Revolutionary War Major General and the second highest ranking officer in the state of Connecticut. He served one term in the Continental Congress but destroyed his political career by becoming an Anti-Federalist, refusing to support the ratification of the Constitution. He succeeded his Grandfather as a jurist and in other roles held within the judicial system. Also signed by John Noyes Wadsworth (1732 - 1786), a Patriot and brother of the General and Grandson of the founder of Durham. This document is uniformly toned with the usual folds; otherwise in very good condition.

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