Autographed Document Signed as Justice of the Peace. Daniel VAN RIPEN, 1736 - 1818.
Autographed Document Signed as Justice of the Peace

Autographed Document Signed as Justice of the Peace


2 pages, 12.5 x 8.25 inches, no place, no date, but written soon after Yorktown, circa 1781. In this document, Van Ripen petitions the United States government on behalf of a merchant who supposedly gave the Continental Army supplies, claiming he was never paid, in part: "...Halemagh Van Houten, duly being sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God - deposeth and sayeth that the within account [written on the back] is true and just...that cattle and forage within mentioned were taken away by a party of the American Army and that he has received any pay for the same." On the back, Ripen itemizes the following: "November 16, 1776 - 1 horse saddle and bridle taken at the time of the retreat from Fort Lee (25 pounds); June 17, 1777 - 4 cattle + 21 sheep taken by a party under the command of Col. Cortlandt (34 pounds); August 1780 - taken away by command of General Nathaniel Greene - 10 bushels of rye and 9 bushels of wheat + 1 heifer by a party under the command of General Anthony Wayne (20 pounds)." On November 16, 1777, the British, under General Cornwallis were engaging the Continental soldiers held up in Fort Lee. The evacuation retreat did not take place until November 19th, casting serious doubts to the legitimacy of Van Houten's claim. Chipping in the right margin and glue stains on the back; good condition.

Revolutionary War patriot who served as Justice of the Peace in Bergen County, New Jersey.

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