Typed Letter Signed. Ramsay MACDONALD, 1866 - 1937.
Typed Letter Signed

Typed Letter Signed

Whitehall: 1936.

2 pages (front and back), 9.5 x 7.5 inches, Privy Council Office, Whitehall, England, September 22, 1936. Exceptional letter signed "J. Ramsay MacDonald," written at a time when his mental health collapsed, to British Philosopher L.P. Jacks, who had proposed a "demilitarized" League of Nations, in part: "...I am willing to try anything that will strengthen the League, but if we took the line of your letter, we would cause a great shock amongst the smaller nations who would need a good deal of explanation before they would accommodate themselves to the change. The position is a very serious one and the meeting which is going on in Geneva...ought to be used for the purpose of sounding opinion...before we finally make up our minds..." Excellent condition. Horizontal and vertical fold; very good(+) condition.

British statesman and Prime Minister.

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Language: English

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