Autographed Page with Stamps. James J. WALKER, Alfred E. SMITH.

Autographed Page with Stamps

New York: 1927.

An attractive autographed page on parchment measuring 8 x 11 inches, removed from a philatelic collection consisting of U.S. # 630 (1926) - 2 cent White Plains - strip of five (top margin), cancelled, F-VF centering [mounted above] U.S. #630 (1926) - 2 cent White Plains - strip of five (bottom margin), cancelled, F-VF centering, mounted to the center of the page. Signed above the stamps by James J. Walker (1881 - 1946), Mayor of New York City from 1926 - 1932, who was forced to resign after it was revealed that he accepted large bribes from businessmen seeking contracts or for favorable legislation. Walker signed with an exceptionally large 6.5" signature (9" when including the date "July 4, 1927"). Signed below the stamps by Alfred E. Smith (1873 - 1944), American Statesman, four-time Governor of New York, and Democratic Presidential candidate for President in 1928 who was considered by many to be the foremost urban leader of the Progressive Movement. [Note: though Smith was responsible for Walker becoming Mayor of New York City, he hated the Mayor with a vengeance and could barely be left alone in the same room with him before hostilities erupted. This is a wonderful piece of New York history from the roaring twenties that might possibly be unique.] Very good condition.

Binding: Unbound
Language: English

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