Kaart van Londen. John ROCQUE.

Kaart van Londen

London: Isaak Tirion, 1754.

Map. Engraving with original hand coloring. Image measures 11" x 16.25".

This 1754 plan of London shows the city set amongst its surrounding environs. Colored in rich red, the city sits around the Thames River, which runs horizontally across the sheet and is dotted with tiny ships. A key in the upper left below the title labels important buildings in the city proper. Of particular note is a highly detailed plan of Hyde Park showing the elaborate design of the gardens and grounds. Areas of Surrey, Kent, Middlesex, and Essex are also very detailed with important cities, roads, rivers, and buildings rendered with fine care. The map is in good condition with no chips or tears. Some staining and fading of the imprint, but the map remains highly legible.

John Rocque (c. 1704-1762) was a Swiss Huguenot who grew up in London. He worked as a land surveyor, publisher and engraver. This fine Dutch edition of his home city demonstrates his attention to detail.

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