The Boston-Gazette, and Country Journal. No. 1235. April 27, 1778

Boston: Benjamin Edes, 1778. unbound. Engraved masthead. 4pp. Folio, margins slightly chipped, small hole in front page with a loss of a few letters, contemporary signature on front page in left margin. Boston: Benjamin Edes, 1778. Very good. very good.

On the entire second page and one column of the third page is the entire text of the important speech given by Lord Frederick North in Parliament on February 17, 1778. On February 6, 1778 the French government proposed an alliance with the American colonies. " To forestall U. S. ratification of the French alliance, Lord North introduced (17 Feb.) in Commons a series of bills for effecting reconciliation with America, proposing (1) repeal of the Tea and Coercive Acts; (2) a pledge that Parliament would impose no revenue taxes upon the American colonies; (3) appointment of a peace commission with powers to negotiate with Congress, and, if necessary, to agree to suspension of all acts passed since 1763. The bills passed 16, Mar., (1778)." Morris, Richard. Encyclopedia of American History, page 99. The resulting peace commission, headed by the Earl of Carlisle, failed in its mission because the Continental Congress wanted independence and refused to meet with the peace commission. The Boston Gazette was published from 1719 to 1798. Its first printer in 1719 was James Franklin, brother of Benjamin Franklin.

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