Finestra terrena dell'antecedente Casino di S.A.R. Ferdinando RUGGIERI.

Finestra terrena dell'antecedente Casino di S.A.R.

Florence: Gio Gaetano Tartini.

Etching with engraving. Image measures 13.6" x 10.5". Sheet measures 18.75" x 14.75".

This print depicts the section, elevation, plan and profile view of a ground-floor window of the Casino Mediceo di San Marco in Florence. Published circa 1739, the print also includes diagrams describing the design of the building's moldings. Francesco de Medici, son of Cosimo I, commissioned the design of the casino to Bernardo Buontalenti, who is identified in the lower left corner of the print. Buontalenti constructed the building in 1570-1574, and it served as an urban villa for entertaining, hobbies, and more intimate meetings. Most importantly, Francesco used the building to explore his interest in scientific knowledge and experimentation, gathering within some of the greatest herbalists, scientists, experimentalists, pharmacists, glass makers and stone cutters of the mid-sixteenth century. The plate is from Ruggieri's "Studio d'Architettura Civile." It is in excelllent condition with full margins. Ferdinando Ruggieri (1691--1741) was an Italian architect and artist who played a centarl role in developing and defining the Italian Baroque movement. He is known best for designing the facade of the Complesso di San Firenze. His one cartographic production was his 1731 Pianta Della Citta di Firenze, which become the standard map of Florence for the next 150 years. This print demonstrates his knowledge of architecture in addition to his skills as a printmaker.

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