Adoration of Ra. (From a Papyrus in the Museum of Leiden.). Samuel Augustus BINION.

Adoration of Ra. (From a Papyrus in the Museum of Leiden.)

Buffalo, NY: American Polytechnic Company, 1887.

Color lithograph. Image measures 19" x 12". Sheet measures 21" x 27 1/4". Plate XXX.

This fascinating color lithograph contains a depiction of a funeral ritual from what is commonly referred to as the "Book of the Dead," a papyrus roll of prayers and incantations which the Egyptians buried with their mummies. Published in 1887, the print accurately portrays a real copy of this scroll, held in the collection of the Museum of Leiden. This print is from a limited edition of Binion's "Ancient Egypt or Mizraim," Vol. II, which is considered a landmark of American chromolithography. This print is vividly colored and in very good condition. Samuel Augustus Binion (1853-1914) was a Polish author, traveler, and translator. With "Ancient Egypt," he sought to present Egyptian history, art, and architecture in a thorough manner. He intended the size of the work to be sumptuous enough to allow for the faithful depiction of buildings, ornamentation, hieroglyphics, and decorations in their original colors, yet still manageable for use in both private and public libraries.

Edition: Limited
Language: English

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