Fine content War-Date Letter Signed. Samuel P. LEE, 1812 - 1897.
Fine content War-Date Letter Signed

Fine content War-Date Letter Signed

Newport News: 1863.

2 pages (front and back) on blind-stamped ""U.S. Flag Ship Minnesota" letterhead, 9.75 x 7.75 inches, May 7, 1863, Newport's News, Virginia. Written to the Kimberly Brothers at Old Point Comfort, Virginia, explaining how supplies may be allowed to pass through the blockade. In part: "...In regard to passing coal, wood or other supplies by the blockade to the Navy Yard for the use of the marine guard, a certificate covering all the articles to be passed, from the Quartermaster of the Marine Corps...certifying that they are for such public use, is all that is necessary. Articles for Army use must be covered by a similar certificate from the proper military authority; and the vessel conveying them must carry no other articles. Goods for traffic cannot pass the blockade except under a treasury permit. No other permit or paper is now recognized by the blockading officers." Signed as Rear Admiral, Commanding N.A.B. Squadron. Two horizontal folds; impeccable handwriting and near fine condition.

Union Rear Admiral who commanded the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron from 1862 - 1864. Born in Virginia, he was related to General Robert E. Lee and to Lincoln's Postmaster General, Montgomery Blair.

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