Inscribed Vintage Photograph Signed Twice. Henry SANTRY.
Inscribed Vintage Photograph Signed Twice
Inscribed Vintage Photograph Signed Twice

Inscribed Vintage Photograph Signed Twice


8 x 10 inches, no place, no date, circa 1935 -- a fantastic outdoor shot of Santry standing next to a 1930s sports car, with suit, overcoat and hat. He has signed on the front whitewall tire "Best Wishes, Henry Santry." Also pictured is a woman with a full-length fur coat who has signed on the back whitewall tire, "Yours, my sincerity, Aida Seymour." At the top of the photograph in large bold letters, Santry writes: "To Arthur Cohn, A Real Publicity Man, Henry Santry." Small crease in the top right corner that does not affect the text or the desirability of this image. Very good(-) condition.

American Jazz Bandleader from New York City during the 1920s and 1930s best remembered for leading two ensembles of distinction: The Soldiers of Fortune and the Henry Santry Orchestra. In 1930 he starred in a movie short that featured an unknown pianist named Gordon Jenkins. The latter's bad experiences and feelings of frustration of having played with Santry would be processed into his monumental instrumental suite "Manhattan Tower." In turn, Frank Sinatra heard "Manhattan Tower" and enjoyed it so much that it became the basis for his highly successful collaborations with Gordon Jenkins. Santry was an obscure but important figure in the transition of American Jazz music.

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Language: English

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