Historically Important Autographed Letter Signed. MORTON S. WILKINSON, 1819 - 1894.

Historically Important Autographed Letter Signed

Washington: 1862.

Outstanding and historically important War-Date autographed letter signed. 1 page, 4.5 x 5.5 inches, Washington, D.C., March 5, 1862. Written on the very day that Wilkinson's resolution led to the expulsion of Senator Bright for treason, in full: "...To day the Senate are to decide upon one of the most grave questions which ever came before it..viz. the expulsion of Jesse D. Bright a Senator from Indiana. The charge is disloyalty within the Government under which he has lived and been honored. My hope is that the Senate will do its duty...yours truly M.S. Wilkinson." After writing this memo to himself - Bright returned to the Senate Chambers and cast his vote to expel Senator Bright. The final tally was 32 votes for expulsion and 14 against. Wilkinson, on Dec. 16, 1861, had introduced a letter before the full Senate that had been acquired from a captured Confederate gun-runner. The letter was a formal introduction for the gun-runner to Confederate President Jefferson Davis - written by Senator Bright. Based on the evidence presented by Wilkinson, the formal vote for expulsion was scheduled and carried out on Feb. 5, 1862. Upon expulsion, Senator Bright had to flee the State of Minnesota and all of his property was confiscated by Union authorities. Also sold with this lot is the signature of disgraced Senator Jesse D. Bright on a slip of paper, mounted to 3" x 5" card with a war-date inscription "Expelled from Senate - 34th Congress Feb. 1862...for Treason." Both items in very good condition.

American politician and United States Senator from Indiana (1859 - 1865), best remembered for bringing a resolution before the Senate for the expulsion of U.S. Senator Jesse D. Bright for treason on March 5, 1862.

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