Autographed Letter Signed on "Savile Club" stationery. Sidney COLVIN, 1845 - 1927.

Autographed Letter Signed on "Savile Club" stationery

London: 1871.

3 pages (front and back) each measuring 6 x 4 inches, London, no date but presumably written in early June 1871, making an introduction for his friend Jules Andrieu -- not the famed French artist, but Jules Andrieu, the French Revolutionary who had just fled the Paris Commune during Bloody Week. In part: "...I forgot to give you on either of my visits to your house, the particulars of my friend Andrieu's address...Jules Andrieu, 34 Richmond Gardens, High bridge Road, about a half mile down the square. He is a teacher by profession and instinct; not like most refugees, a person who has taken up teaching from necessity. His attainments in philosophy and many other sciences are remarkable, and he is a man of principal and original mind. If either for yourself or a few friends, you can get him letters to give - and what he seeks are serious learners, where the learner will really work - I shall consider it a personal service..." This important letter is a first-hand account of what Andrieu did upon entering England and how Colvin solicited students for his classes. Very good condition.

English literary and art critic, primarily remembered for his friendship in helping Robert Louis Stevenson publish his first book.

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Language: English

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