Americans All! Victory Liberty Loan. Howard Chandler CHRISTY.

Americans All! Victory Liberty Loan

United States: 1919.

Poster. Color lithograph backed with linen. Page measures 39.75" x 26.5".

This 1919 World War I propaganda poster features a woman in yellow dress holding a wreath above an 'honor roll' with one hand. In her other hand, she holds the end of the American Flag behind her. The names featured on the honor roll are meant to signify the various ethnic groups in military service. The poster in good condition, lined with canvas. Shows some fading and cracks along the edges. Scuffing over the bottom text, with minor loss. Some scattered tears and abrasions.

Howard Chandler Christy (1873 %u2013 1952) was an American painter and magazine illustrator from Ohio who gained a reputation for military scenes thanks to pictures he made during the Spanish-American War. His World War I posters were incredibly popular as well, particular in his distinct depiction of charming women with strong values. This is a wonderful example of his work.

Binding: Unbound
Condition: Very Good
Language: English

Price: $600.00

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