Autographed Letter Signed. Lord DUNSANY, Edward Plunkett.
Autographed Letter Signed

Autographed Letter Signed


Outstanding autographed letter signed "Dunsany" with exceptional literary content, 3 pages, 4to. Nov. 5, 1918, War Office, on his embossed coat of arms letterhead. Written while he was still a Captain in the Royal Marines, injured, and briefly assigned to the War Department, to a fellow author, in part: " To thank anyone adequately for a work of art is beyond the scope of a letter, for art has no boundaries and there is something very finite about the Royal Mail...a gift of poetry is no ordinary gift...the first poem in it astonished me when I first saw it. I thought it a magnificent sonnet and think so still...for it is the first poem...and you named the book after it...and the rear-guard of your sonnet is, I think, as well chosen as your van-guard...marching behind the sun with just that air of sadness lit with triumph...which comes very well at the end. Of special note: Dunsany wrote this letter while still a Captain in the British Army and he uses military clichés when evaluating the sonnet. There is a little weakness at the center folds otherwise very good.

According to autograph dealer and author Charles Hamilton: "Though you will not have any trouble locating a Lord Dunsany letter, finding one with literary content will be quite difficult".

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Language: English

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