Chatty Autographed Letter Signed. Tyrone GUTHRIE, 1900 - 1971.
Chatty Autographed Letter Signed
Chatty Autographed Letter Signed

Chatty Autographed Letter Signed

New York: 1935.

4 pages, 6.5 x 5.25 inches, New York, April 3, 1935. This letter (signed "Tony Guthrie") was written to noted theatrical agent Harold Freedman, sending appreciation for being invited to a wonderful Broadway play, in small part: "...Thank you very much in enabling me to see 'The Old Maid'...the settings, the dresses and lighting were exquisite. I don't know when I have seen anything that was so satisfying an experience...I was mightily impressed with Ms. [Judith] Anderson...was disappointed in the play...thought it slow and repetitious and far too sweet until the cast scene of all - where J. Anderson completely 'got' me..." Much more excellent content. Receiver's stamp on the first page does not detract. Very good condition.

British playwright, director, and producer who greatly influenced the revival and interest in traditional theater in the 20th century; "The Old Maid" premiered on Broadway in 1935 and starred Helen Menken and Judith Anderson.

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