Retained Copy of a Letter to Abraham Lincoln. William W. ELLSWORTH.
Retained Copy of a Letter to Abraham Lincoln
Retained Copy of a Letter to Abraham Lincoln

Retained Copy of a Letter to Abraham Lincoln

Hartford: 1863.

A highly important retained copy of a letter written to President Abraham Lincoln. 4 pages, 9.5 x 7.5 inches, Hartford, December 13, 1863. An attempt to secure clemency for Dr. Andrew Salisbury, convicted before a Court Martial Board of corruption involving the Draft Board Scandals, in part: "...Learning from Dr. Salisbury that you have before you for examination, papers connected with his late trial before a Court Martial ordered by Major was understood by the entire community that every charge involving criminal intent or corrupt practices was by the Judge Advocate withdrawn from the trial for any intentional neglect of duty...the universal sentiment of this community is that sentence is altogether oppressive and uncalled for by the good of the community or the efficiency of the Army. To fine, to imprison a professional gentleman as such a case is...I think...bringing military law into contempt and impressing the people with the belief that Dr. Salisbury is a persecuted man rather than a guilty criminal..." This letter is not included in the Complete Records of the War. Much more fine content. Natural folds; very good condition.

Governor of Connecticut and son of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Oliver Ellsworth.

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Language: English

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