Autographed Letter Signed to a lawyer. Midge DECTER, 1927 -.
Autographed Letter Signed to a lawyer

Autographed Letter Signed to a lawyer

New York: 1987.

2 pages (front and back) on "Committee For the Free World" letterhead, 11 x 8.5 inches, New York, April 15, 1987. In this letter, Decter writes to constitutional attorney Howard Meyer in response to his lengthy missive to her. In small part: "...The Boys on the Beach is not homophobic. It is to be sure - an attack on the Gay Rights movement...which is not synonymous with homosexuals, any more than the Black Power movement was co-extensive with blacks, or women's lib with women. It was not racist to attack the Black Power movement, nor sexist to attack women's lib, nor homophobic to attack the Gay Rights movement - though I have done all three. To me... black power, women's lib and gay rights would all bring greater suffering to their supposed constituents... Neoconservatives are people who believe that liberalism has gone too far - and it is no longer liberal..." Much more content. One diagonal crease, but still very good condition.

Decter is an American neoconservative journalist and author who, with Donald Rumsfeld as Chairman, was the Executive Director of the Committee for the Free World.

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