Autographed Letter Signed. George Washington CARVER, 1864 - 1943.
Autographed Letter Signed

Autographed Letter Signed

Tuskegee Institute, AL: 1934.

2 pages (front and back), 11 x 8.5 inches, on personal "Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute" letterhead, Tuskegee Institute, AL, July 25, 1934. This revealing letter, written to a young man and signed "G.W. Carver," is filled with personal observations on prejudice as well as his feelings about getting together to pursue their mutual scientific interests, in part: "You are quite correct, prejudice still exists in enormous proportions worse in some sections than others. Confidentially, dear, this is why I do not travel more than I do, as one of my age must have certain comforts in travel that are positively denied colored people in many places...The thing that I am most concerned about is how you and I can get together and pursue our scientific bent uninterrupted...I want it distinctly understood that you are my chosen Bro. Scientist..." Two punch-holes in the top margin; natural folds. Very good condition.

Binding: Unbound
Language: English

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